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Our Story

After 20 Years, It’s Become Personal

We started out as a tiny, repair focused shop on Flood Street. Our obsession with quality and community has helped us grow to become the biggest in Southern Utah. Now we’ve been a Top 100 Dealer for 3 years running, still focusing on quality and community.

Our technicians and salespeople are passionate about the Ride Life and are always happy to welcome someone new into the community.

Our mechanics have over 50 years combined experience servicing most makes and models of forks. While our Service Center is busy keeping your bike running perfectly, our Sales Staff is quick to help and always willing to share a smile. Our Sales Staff gets expert training so they’ll always know which products will best serve your purposes.

What Sets Us Apart

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48 Hour Turn Around on Repairs

We want you to Ride More. And waiting for repairs is time spent not riding. That’s why we work to get every bike back to its owner in 48 hours or less.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our Expert Service Technicians guarantee their performance. If we can’t fix the issue you’re having with your bike you’ll get your money back.

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It's all about Community

Riding is better together and here at Red Rock Bicycle Co, we're a family. With weekly group rides for all levels and cycling disciplines, there's something for everyone. Join us at one of our free clinics to hone your skills.

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Intermountain Cup & Ride Southern Utah

Red Rock Bicycle Co. sponsors Intermountain Cup and Ride Southern Utah for advanced riders and beginners alike. All proceeds from these events go towards our Trail Crew initiative where we give back to the community through trail work in Washington County and Iron County.

We’re Riders, Just Like You.

Everybody that works at Red Rock Bicycle rides. Not all of us ride the same types of bikes or even participate in the same disciplines, but we all ride. It’s a thread that has held true since the beginning days of the shop. The reason: if you ride, you tend to have a passion for it. You learn the products that work, what trails are fun or what races you would do again. We’ve always felt that it was in our customers’ best interest to be helped by people that ride.

Ryan Gurr
Owner of Red Rock Bicycle Co.

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