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your guide to eyewear

Let’s all be honest, there’s something about putting on a pair of sunglasses that just puts you into beast mode. Eyewear is a great way to show your style and to stay protected. Cycling glasses aren’t only for the sun, they are also worn to protect against a gust of wind in your eye that causes you to tear up like you’re cutting an onion. Oh and you can’t forget about dust, mud, and those pesky insects that fly right into your eye while riding. Not only are those things uncomfortable, but they can be quite dangerous.


So, what makes cycling eyewear different from your typical sunglasses? Well, the most obvious is the shape. Remember those safety goggles that you wore in Junior High science class? It’s the same idea but much cooler. They are designed to cover the entire eye and wrap around the head so that you get full protection. They also are made to stay in place in bumpy areas and when you’re looking down at the trail. You may not have realized this, but cycling lenses are often different as well. They are often more robust but extremely lightweight and aerodynamic.


Anti-Fogging Lenses: Don’t let the fog of your breath slow you down and find eyewear with anti-fogging coating.

Transition Lenses: Some cycling glasses transition based on the amount of sunlight that you are exposed to.

UV Protection: Not only do sunglasses keep you more comfortable but the sun can damage your eyes when they are exposed. Making sure that your glasses have UV protection will make all the difference.

Polarized Lenses: These lenses remove glare and stop reflections from throwing you off when they hit your eyes. But one thing to note is that these lenses can throw off your depth perception so you have to be careful that you choose a high quality polarized lens.

Different Shades: Some glasses come with multiple lenses so that you can change them out based on the lighting, weather, etc.

-Hydroleophobic Coating:This coating helps to stop dirt and grime in their tracks.


Wear prescription glasses? No problem! Many companies make cycling glasses that are prescription eligible so don’t let that be an excuse!


 A few tips for when your fitting your eyewear:

1. Check the fit under your helmet you don’t want your glasses squeezing your temples or falling off mid-ride.

2. Make sure that the temple and nose grips are comfortable. These should be tight enough to not slide off when you start to sweat but not so tight that you’ll have a blaring headache by the end of your ride.

3. Look at the coverage. Not every pair of glasses will fit every cyclist. Double check that you have the proper coverage for your discipline and that the glasses cover the entirety of your eyes.

4. Make sure you are choosing the best glasses for your style of riding and remember that not all eyewear is created equally!

5. Find your style. Eyewear is a great way to express your personality! There are so many options out there so don’t feel like you have to settle on one that doesn’t peak your interest.

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