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Father’s Day Feature,
Marc Mortensen

JUNE 21, 2021

Marc and Mitch

We know that there are many fathers out there inspiring the next generation to ride! One of those fathers is Marc Mortensen. He and his son, Mitch, can consistently be found on the trails together.

Marc & Mitch

“If I think of all the time we’ve spent together as father and son, most of that time was spent riding bikes. It’s always been our way of escaping the world for a little while. When riding, sometimes we talk about life, other times we joke with each other and then there are miles of trail when we don’t say a word because we were just taking in the moment and words aren’t necessary.”

“After riding a techy section of trail recently, Mitchell turned to me and said, “Hey Dad, the coolest thing just happened, I cleared my mind and I let my bike do its thing! I didn’t think about anything and it felt so good.” Hearing him explain that feeling gave me goosebumps because I knew he finally understood why we love to ride. When he’s an adult I hope he remembers the magic moments, riding bikes through deserts and forests, at dusk and dawn with his old man. I know I will. It’s one of the greatest gifts of being his father.”

-Marc Mortensen

Marc and Mitch perfectly illustrate why we do what we do here at Red Rock Bicycle Co. – it’s about changing lives, two wheels at a time. Happy Father’s Day and a huge thank you to all of the amazing dads out there!

Marc & Mitch Desert Ride
Marc & Mitch by the river