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june trail crew update

The month started out by repairing a wash crossing on Turnpike and repairing an armored entrance to Lava Link over at the Southview trails. Green Hollow also got some love by trimming back overgrown vegetation. To end the first week, Bill attended a trail day with our local forest service and Iron Trail Craft to work on a bridge over at Bunker Creek.  

Three Peaks had some wooden bridges that needed some love. Bill spent some time sealing the bridges. After which, he attended a trails day event over at the Southview trails that was sponsored by the Cedar City BLM.  

The C trail got a full week of love this month. Bill cleared debris out of the trail, existing drains, and cut new drains where feasible. He also attended the Utah Trail Summit in Cedar City.  

 To round out the month, Bill finished up a few last details on the C trail and then moved on to Blow Hard. He spent a fair amount of time trying to decide a course of action for the two blown out wash crossings at the bottom that will require some major work to be sustainable once repaired. The solution to these wash crossings will have to be able to withstand flash flooding that seems to happen every year. With a little engineering and some faith, Bill believes he can repair the wash crossing so it is sturdy enough to hold up to even the most catastrophic water events.  

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