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March trail crew update

Bill started March out by working Goosebumps in the Hurricane Cliffs network. Mostly, taking the time to repair and clean out the existing drains and check dams. Goosebumps crosses what seems like endless drainages making this a constant issue to be addressed.

The Red Rock Rampage Racecourse was his next point to address. After the race, he spent a day cleaning up cut corners and sections where racers had left the trail. He also ensured that any litter missed by the initial cleanup crew was pulled and taken off course. He also spent some time in Santa Clara cleaning up the double track and Lucy's Trail for the next race.

Some more days were then spent in Hurricane Cliffs continuing the work on check dams and drainages on both Goosebumps and Hurricane Rim. In addition, he put in more work on the JEM drop which is rolling super fast and with his armoring looks to be holding up to the abuse of the countless riders out there.

Lastly, he organized and lead a Trail Day with Specialized Bicycle Co on Guacamole trimming back the vegetation (scrub oak) that goes nuts out there and can make the trail a bear if not continuously checked.

Fun Fact: Erosion is principally caused by two sources in our area, water and tires. When it does rain in Southern Utah, it tends to come down quickly and a lot. This creates mini flash floods that can wipe out a trail in just a few minutes especially when they are poorly designed. Tires take a bit more time, but with the amount of ridership we have in our area, it is easy to watch the dirt disappear, the benches become ditches and loose rocks take over. 

Some Work From March:

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