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may trail crew update

Bill has been hard at work this month cleaning up our local trails.  

Hurricane cliffs complex got a face lift this month. Bill cleaned all of the debris from the drains, cut new drains where feasible, and armored wash crossings.  

Bill also spent some time scouting Baker Reservoir for some future trail possibilities. (Exciting!!) Some time was also spent over at Undisclosed between Wire and Grafton Mesa cutting brush and widening a section of trail that had been “blown out” by riders riding off the edge of a bench cut.  

Iron County also received some love this month. Bill spent some time over at Three Peaks working on pre and post-race trails. He cleaned up litter left over from riders, blocked where riders had ridden off the trial, built a short connector piece for the impending race and then spent some time scouting out how last year's work held up over the winter and found resolutions to the problems he came across. Next, the Southview trails got some attention as Bill removed rubble from drains, cleared debris off trail surfaces, and armored a wash crossing on Turnpike.  

Overall, it was a very successful month and our trails would be nowhere without the help of Bill!! Thanks Bill!  

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