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Past stories

bike commuting: base miles on the way to school

Our bike techs Andrew Tritle and Parker Christensen both race mountain bikes. They also ride bikes for transportation. We asked them why...(read more)

cargo bikes: the basics

Remember those hours in your day when you sit in your car thinking you would rather be riding? Well now you can. A few months ago, we finally bought our first electric-assist cargo bike. We went with the Surly Big Easy, a long-tail cargo bike with a long rear rack that can accommodate two passengers and lots of stuff. It’s big, it’s fun to ride, and it garners attention....(read more)

first pick the partner, then the adventure

“Wow, where’d you come from?” she said staring at the bikes heavy with water bottles and bags. “We left our homes in Hurricane, and rode south until the land stopped.” I replied. For most of the visitors at Tuweep Overlook, the drive to get there was quite an adventure. 90 miles of desolate dirt roads completely devoid of any services, the last seven of which require some moderate off road driving skills. Seeing a couple of guys on loaded bikes was a bit of a sight... (read more)

Hydration & Commuting

I’m an all-season bike commuter, and I have ridden throughout the summers in Southwest Utah for the past 5 years. I ride to work, I ride my son to school and daycare, and I ride to run errands. I know it’s hot. But it’s not impossible...  (read more)

July trail crew update

During July, our Trail Maintenance Specialist, worked hard in Iron County. The Virgin River Rim Trail desperately needed some maintenance and Bill answered that call. This trail is extremely popular and with Bill’s help, it has been updated for better, safer riding…(read more)

Meet the trail crew specialist

Southwest Utah has world class mountain biking. We know cuz we live here and ride, a lot. We also know that you are in the know as well. We see all the locals out pedaling, all the cars from out of town with bikes on the back and the swarms of NICA athletes rippin’ it up. The secret, if it ever was one…(read more)

trail crw report: February and March

The past two months have flown by in the Red Rock Bicycle Universe. The shop is hopping, the weather has turned for the better and Bill, our Trail Maintenance Specialist, has been busy. Over February and March, his focus was on three main projects we will detail below: Grafton Downhill Armoring, Little Creek and Guacamole Grafitti removal and Trimming of Gooseberry and Guacamole...(read more)