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The Intermountain Cup X-Country Series has been designed with you in mind. Beginners and Elites can test their mettle on these epic lap courses in some of the most beautiful single track scenery in Utah. Each course generally consists of one lap of roughly 7 miles. Elite riders do more laps (roughly 21 miles) and beginners do fewer laps (roughly 7 miles). Whether you are a mountain bike newbie or a seasoned veteran aiming for a cash prize the I-Cup X-Country Series is for you.

What can I expect from a X-Country style race? The most popular mountain biking discipline involves competitors racing through defined trail sections in the fastest time possible. X-Country trails can range from open fire roads to winding narrow single-tracks that will test the rider’s endurance and technical handling skills.


All of our hard costs occur before the event and will be paid for by Red Rock Events regardless if you show up and many are incurred months before the event. We will not be offering refunds for cancellations. You may defer your entry to another event or transfer it to another rider. Deferrals will incur a $15 service fee. Transfers and deferrals can be done up till 9 AM the Thursday prior to the race. Entries can be deferred to any race during the same calendar year.

To transfer or defer your registration, please see your registration confirmation email. There is a link to manage your registration.

Weather POLICY

Intermountain Cup Races will not be cancelled due to weather unless the event director feels that the riders' safety is in jeopardy. If an event is cancelled within an hour of the start time due to extreme weather, riders will be given a 50% off coupon for any future Red Rock Event within 12 months. Extreme weather is rare in Southern Utah and does not include rain, wind, cold, or heat. We're thinking more in the line of ice storms or volcanoes erupting. Any rider that registers for an event that has been cancelled by Red Rock Events ahead of the event date will receive a 100% refund. 

Race Essentials


DivisionMen’s CategoriesWomen’s Categories
EliteElite MenElite Women
ExpertExpert Men OpenExpert Women Open
Expert Men 40-49Expert Women 40-49
Expert Men 50+Expert Women 50+
Expert Men 60+Expert Women 60+
SportSport Men OpenSport Women Open
Sport Men 35-49Sport Women 35-49
Sport Men 50+Sport Women 50+
Singlespeed MenSinglespeed Women
NoviceNovice MenNovice Women
High School (Grades 9-12)Varsity BoysVarsity Girls
Jr. Varsity BoysJr. Varsity Girls
Junior High (Grades 6-8)Fresh/Soph BoysFresh/Soph Girls
Jr. High BoysJr. High Girls
ShreddersBoys Up to 12yrsGirls Up to 12yrs
Lil’ ShreddersAll kids 9 & under

Advancing to a Higher Category

X-Country riders can advance to a higher category and retain 75% of his/her points IF the move is made BEFORE the start of the 4th race of the series. If the advancement takes place after that point the rider will retain only 50% of his/her previous points when advancing. It is the riders’s responsibility to notify I-Cup of a category advancement. Please notify us at and include your full name, plate number, old category, and new category.

When to Advance

A X-Country rider should advance to the next division (i.e. Novice to Sport) after placing in the top 5 in 5 X-Country races with a field size of 20 or more. Riders may advance as quickly as they wish but may not downgrade unless approved by I-Cup. Become a better rider by advancing sooner than required.


  • No Refunds – There will be no refunds for race entry fees, weather, venue cancellation, acts of God, venue change, injury, DNF, etc.
  • Each rider should choose a category according to their ability and age by the end of race year.
  • Racers should carry their own health insurance. Pre-riding the course is dangerous and is done at your own risk. If you feel you cannot be responsible for your own actions please do not pre-ride the course.
  • At all times when participating in, preparing for, or mounted on a bike, you shall wear a securely fastened helmet that meets the US DOT standards or the CPSC standard for bicycle helmets.
  • Racers are permitted to race in a more difficult category. (i.e. 40-year-olds can race against the 30-year-olds or teens against 20s.)
  • iPods or any headphones are NOT permitted during a race. Ignorance is not an excuse.
  • All repairs during an event should be performed by the individual racer. Be sure to carry your own tools & tubes.
  • A rider will be suspended from the race or series for damaging or destroying public or private property or littering on the course. (Gel and Gu packets included)
  • Only riders officially entered in the event may practice or compete on the designated racecourse and they must wear their number plate and helmet at all times.
  • Dogs and bikes don’t mix. It is strongly advised to leave your hound at home. If you must bring the pup, please keep it on a leash at all times. All the riders will thank you.
  • No warming up on the course during a race.
  • Only registered riders with a signed waiver are allowed to race. If your name is not on the starting list you will be pulled from the race.

Racing Plates

Racing plates will be included free at your first race. This plate will be tied to all of your racing results. GUARD IT WELL! If you do lose your plate, there will be a $15.00 fee to have it replaced. All of your previously awarded points will then be assigned to your new plate number.


DivisionAdvance RegistrationLate Registration
Elite $55$65
Expert, Sport, & Novice$50$60
High School & Jr. High$40$50
Shredders & Lil’ Shredders$20$30
Racing PlateFree for first race.$15 to replace.



X-Country Series points will be tracked separately and end-of-year prizes will be awarded for the top three series points leaders for each category. Points will be calculated by taking the top five scores/points from a rider’s season, summing them, and recognizing the top three series points leaders. This means if a rider participates in all the races in the series their top 5 scores will be summed. The advantage to riding all races is having the ability to drop the lowest score. After each race, individual points will be awarded to riders based on the table below.


Team points will be a calculated by combining all the X-Country Series points for each team. After every race the points of the top 12 points earners from each registered team will be awarded to the team’s point total. The team MUST BE REGISTERED with ICUP in order to receive points and the rider MUST SELECT THEIR TEAM AT REGISTRATION for points to be counted. A rider who changes teams during the season cannot take their points with them to their new team but can start to earn points for their new team, once they register under the new team name. A team can be created and register at any point in the season but points will not be retroactively added to the team points total. A grand prize will be awarded to the team with the highest overall points at the series finale.

20th +0


Key: Medal = | Podium =

Pro$150 Cash + / $100 Cash + / $50 Cash + /
Expert / / /
Sport / / /
Novice / / /
High School$20 Cash + / $10 Cash + / $5 Cash + /
Junior High / / /
Shredders Up to 12 yrs. old) /
Little Shredders (9 yrs. old or younger)$1 for the each rider to cross the line.