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Cancellation policy

All of our hard costs occur before the event and will be paid for by Red Rock Events regardless if you show up and many are incurred months before the event. We will not be offering refunds for cancellations. You may defer your entry to another event or transfer it to another rider. Deferrals will incur a $15 service fee. Transfers and deferrals can be done up to 2 days before the race. Entries can be deferred to any other ride during the same calendar year.

weather policy

Ride Southern Utah rides will not be cancelled due to weather unless the event director feels that riders’ safety is in jeopardy. If an event is cancelled within an hour of the start time due to extreme weather, riders will be given a 50% off coupon for any future Red Rock Bicycle event within 12 months. Extreme weather is rare in Southern Utah and does not include rain, wind, cold, or heat. We’re thinking more in the line of ice storms or volcanoes erupting.Any rider that registers for an event that has been cancelled by Red Rock Bicycle ahead of the event date will receive a 100% refund.