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August Trail Crew Update

Iron County: 189.11

Total Hours spent Maintaining Trails: 189.11


It’s that time of year. The leaves are beginning to change colors and cooler weather is on its way- which signals riding season. Riding season is always a blast and here at Red Rock Bicycle Co, we love shredding the mountain trails when it arrives. Cedar City becomes a slight refuge from the raging heat in St George and we, along with a bunch of others, take advantage of it. When traffic starts increasing on these trails, we see erosion and debris build up. It’s our mission to leave the trails better than we found them which is why Red Rock Trail Crew exists. The best part about it is that RRTC is for everyone. With the support of Greater Zion Tourism office and Visit Cedar City, we are able to keep the trails in great shape, lessen the impact of mountain bikers on the environment, and keep riders safe.

Our Trail Specialist, Bill, started August by continuing his work on the Virgin River Rim. This trail is extremely popular in the area and needed quite a bit of work. He spent most of his time cleaning the debris out of existing drains. When it was effective and made sense, he would also cut new drains

Week 1 - This week Bill spent time again cutting trees off of the Bunker Creek trail and occasionally cleaning out drains hat had been filled in with recent rains.  While in the same week Bill stopped by Lowder ponds as another wind storm blew more deadfall down on the already cleared trail.

Week 2 -   In week 2 of August Bill spent time clearing both Dark Hollow and spent a solid day clearing trees from Marathon Trail up out of Navajo Lake.  Because of the repeated storms Bill then spent a day re clearing Navajo lake itself.  Blow Hard also required some time doing dirt work so Bill spent a day knocking that out.  To conclude the week Bill spent some time with Iron Trailcraft reworking some degraded berms.

Week 3 -  Bill spent another day at Marathon Trail with the help of a co-worker removing difficult and dangerous deadfall snags. Bunker Creek once again needed some work, with the help of Jeff from Brinhead Shuttles they removed more than 60 downed trees that had blown down in the previous 5-6 days.  Finishing up the week spending time on a difficult section of Boulder dash that he has repaired many times in recent years making it less dangerous until Bill can plan a permanent solution. 

Week 4 - Weeks 4 & 5 week Bill spent time returning to Blowhard, Bunker Creek and Dark Hollow to re-clear them of new deadfall from wind storms. The remainder of the time was spent in the Iron Hills system cleaning debris out of the tread surface and drains.

Bill's Transportation

The Specialized Turbo Levo gets Bill to and from the different spots on trails in Southern Utah and helps with the load the tools needed for trail maintenance.

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