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april Trail Crew Update

Washington County

Total Hours spent Maintaining Trails: 150.09


Week 1 - This week Bill turned a rock that slid into the Grafton DH into a "feature" opposed to moving it.  It''s placement allowed water to run off the trail.  Bill also worked around another on # falls trail where he moved the alignment towards the upslope slightly instead of rolling the rock out of the way because he felt it would have just rolled onto the trail below.

Week 2 -Bill returned to the Sheep''s Bridge network to block and rake out where people cut trail and wander about and raked Sur-Ron elecric moto tracks where they missed turns and rode off the trail.  He also spent time doing the similar maintenance at Guacamole.

Week 3 - This week Bill spent time in Virgin yet again cleaning up where riders cut corners and wandered off trail.  Bill also spent time at Gooseberry blocking "go-arounds", creating a short re-route in a spot renowned for retaining water in a big deep puddle and cutting plant life back from the trail corridor.

Bill''s Transportation

The Specialized Turbo Levo gets Bill to and from the different spots on trails in Southern Utah and helps with the load the tools needed for trail maintenance.

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