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July Trail Crew Update

Iron County: 149

Total Hours spent Maintaining Trails: 149


Week 1 - This week Bill cleared winter debris off from the lower parts of Blow Hard.  Also did a walk thru Red Hollow, cleaning winter debris out of drains and scouting how the previous rebuild held up to winter.  I also went thru Navajo Lake where someone had cut all the deadfall blocking the trail but didn''t clear the bent aspens at chest/head high.  While also cleaning up the drains from winter debris.

Week 2 -  Redrock Bicycle Co. invested in a chainsaw to help clear the deadfall up on the downhill trails on and around Brianhead Peak. Bill started on Blow Hard from Crystal Springs up and spent a day getting used to the new saw.  The next Bill found the forest service crew working their way up.  So he shifted his focus to Lowder Ponds trail for a few days removing numerous downed trees in the trail and many snags and "widow makers".  He also spent time clearing winter rubble out of the trail and drains.

Week 3 - This week Bill spent cutting deadfall from the Sydney Peaks trail and part of Bunker Creek.  He also addresed the winter rubble on the tread surface and in drains.

Week 4 - 

Bill cut downed trees on the remainder of Bunker Left Fork and cleaned many impending deadfall in snags or "widow makers" that were left on Right Fork. While also clearing debris out of the tread surface and drains where needed. As well as downed trees off from Mace''s Run.

Bill''s Transportation

The Specialized Turbo Levo gets Bill to and from the different spots on trails in Southern Utah and helps with the load the tools needed for trail maintenance.

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