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June Trail Crew Update

Iron County: 198.60

Total Hours spent Maintaining Trails: 198.60


Week 1 - This week Bill spent cleaning accumulated winter debris out of the tread surface and drains on trails in the Iron Hills network focusing on the southern (Pyramid Ridge) end. He also spent time at 3 peaks doing the same work.

Week 2 -This week Bill, again spent his time between Iron Hills and 3 Peaks cleaning winter debris out of the tread surface and drains. He also joined Iron Trailcraft for an evening working on Side Hustle the new trail in the Iron Hills.

Week 3 - Bill spent time continued cleaning up the trails in both the Iron Hills and 3 Peaks removing debris from winter out of the tread surface and drains. 

Week 4 - This week Bill continued working his way through 3 peaks mostly doing more "custodial" work. He also repaired for maybe the 4th time a poorly designed/built section on Boulderdash.  This fix is yet another band aide as he is sure the dirt will slough through the rocks and log meant to hold the downhill edge at the beginning of the DH section.  While also working out a plan to fix it permanently.

Bill''s Transportation

The Specialized Turbo Levo gets Bill to and from the different spots on trails in Southern Utah and helps with the load the tools needed for trail maintenance.

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