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February / March Trail Crew Update

Washington County

Total Hours spent Maintaining Trails: 324


Week 1 - This week Bill spent time time on the Sheeps bridge complex blocking off and raking out go arounds and rocks off trail then he spent 2 days working on sorting out and building  a way out of the staging area at Green Valley for the Redrock Rampage. 

Week 2 -Bill spent most of this week designing and building a section of the Redrock Rampage course that developers had simply removed the earth from a preivious re-route.  Then spent time scouting many areas to see how they are handling the weather and the impatient riders, including raking out ATV tracks/ruts made in the wet earth on Goosebumps.

Week 3 - Bill spent more time scouting many areas to see how the weather and impatient riders were affecting them incuding the Vigin Cliffs system and Church rocks Prospector.  He also spent the better part of a day on Bruces Nature trail making a plan to work with the forest service trail crew on a needed retaining wall from a washout and a "feature" to be created around a rockfall.

Week 4 - This week Bill spent a day on Boy Scout trails scouting and also spent time with the forest service crew Monday the work mentioned in week 3.  After that he was back in Virgin for a day cleaning up after the holiday weekend traffic that left tons of "go arounds due to trails that weren''t "good to go" yet folks chose to ride anyway.  He then spent a day starting on 3 Falls connector in Hurricane mostly removing rubble from low spots and switchbacks.


Week 1 - Bill spent time raking out the edges of trails being widened by impatient people riding wet trails in both the Sheep''s Bridge trail network and in the preserve.  He also spent a day cleaning up after the intermountain cup race in Green Valley.

Week 2 - Bill continued this week cleaning up after more impatient riders on the Virgin trails (including raking out OHV tracks made in the soft dirt on lower Dead Ringer and JEM).  While also spending a couple days on the Boy Scout trails at Quail Lake mostly cleaning drains and removing rubble from the tread surface.

Week 3 - This wet week was spent scouting many areas for more user damage and continuing raking out widening trails where it was dry enough to work.  Again finding himself raking vehicle tracks from the trail in Virgin.

Week 4 - Bill spent this week this wet week was spent again in Virgin raking out user damage made by impatient people, again raking out vehicle tracks from the trail.  I also spent a day blocking "go arounds" on Prospector and Church rocks.  He also spent a short while moving a rock out of the way and filling in a dangerous ditch in Santa Clara  in preparation for the Intermountain cup race.

Bill''s Transportation

The Specialized Turbo Levo gets Bill to and from the different spots on trails in Southern Utah and helps with the load the tools needed for trail maintenance.

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