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November Trail Crew Update

Washington County

Total Hours spent Maintaining Trails: 132.46

Week 1 - Bill spent the week working the Hurricane Cliffs Trail Network and Wire Mesa. His time was utilized to clean out drains, fix erosion issues, and trimming back vegetation. 

Week 2 - Wire Mesa was in the mix again this week with more blocking and removing grapevining/go arounds and trimming vegetation. Then Bill moved onto Guacamole where he continued to fix erosion issues caused by our heavy monsoon season and trim back the scrub oak that grows like a weed out there.

Week 3 - More Guacamole work followed by Hurricane Rim. Again cleaning, setting drains and cleaning up erosion issues. He also spent a day scouting out a downed tree on the La Verkin Creek Trail in Confluence Park.

Week 4 - Bill moved on to Grafton Mesa starting with the XC trails up top, blocking go arounds and trimming back plants before moving onto the DH trail. He continued his armoring work to fix some more eroded sections and cleaned out debris.

Grafton - Before

Bill identified this rocky section as a prime candidate for some armoring to remove some of the gaps and improve the overall trail tread.

Grafton - After

You can see where Bill added rock to make a hard riding surface to keep water and tires from removing more dirt, aka eroding the trail.

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