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September Trail Crew Update

What’s going on with our local trails? Keep reading to find out what Bill has been up to all of September! Bill started out in Cedar City checking up on one of the most beloved trails in Southern Utah, Blowhard. After checking up on how previous work held up to monsoon season, Bill spent time raking up the debris from said rainstorms on the Southview trailhead. He also spent a day out with Trailcraft helping them build the new trail, Side Hustle.  

The second week of September brought some love over to the Virgin River Rim trail starting out at DeerHaven campground. While there, Bill fixed the drains where feasible and raked debris out of old drains and corners. He also cut and removed some downed trees with his handy dandy crosscut saw.  

 Fixing drains, raking marbles, and clearing out monsoon debris became a common trend this week over at the Southview Trail system in Cedar City, Utah. Bill also spent some time working on Turnpike to get it ready for the Waffle Ride event that is happening soon. Three peaks wasn’t left out and also got the same post-monsoon treatment.  

 To finish out the month, more marbles were raked, debris were removed, and washed-out water crossings were repaired in the Iron Hills trail system near Pyramid Ridge trailhead. As always, we (and the community) are so lucky to have Bill out there working on our trails for 40 hours a week. Thanks for all you do Bill! 


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