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You Rented a Bike From our Cedar City Shop, Now Where? 

No matter the kind of bike you rent, there are so many places to ride in Cedar City. We have a beautiful scenic bike path and amazing purpose-built mountain bike trails. Here is a list of places you can ride FROM the Cedar City Red Rock Bicycle! 

You rented a Comfort E-Bike or want to cruise a bike path! 

From the shop to the bike path: 

  1. Turn left out of the parking lot onto S Main St. 

  1. Turn right onto Fir St. at DoughnutsVille 

  1. Follow till you reach the second stop sign and you'll be at the bike path (C-trail portion)! 

Once on the bike path there are many ways to go! Turning right will take you to Main Street where you'll have to cross under the freeway and then connect to more paved path. Turning left will take you along the mountains in sage brush fields and juniper pine trees. Farther down, you can turn off on to the Coal Creek portion. You can go up the canyon along the Coal Creek with red rocks on both sides. Or, you can keep going straight, you will go through multiple city parks and end up towards the north side of town.  

You rented a Mountain Bike or E-Bike MTB! 

From the shop to the Southview trailhead: 

  1. Turn right out of the parking lot onto S Main St.  

  1. Turn left at the first stoplight onto S Old Hwy 91 

  1. Turn left onto S Shurtz Canyon Dr. 

  1. Follow until you see the trailhead 

Once at the trailhead, there is a dirt parking lot, changing area, restrooms, water fountain, kiosk/trail map, and tool stand. Southview Trailhead are purpose-built mountain bike trails that are directional and have some lava rock chunk. The main climb trail to access most trails is Lichen It. Easy/Beginner trails will be Lichen it, Iron Giants, Green Hollow, and Turnpike. Beginner/Intermediate trails will be Lava Flow, Lava Link, Elevate, and Black Ops. Intermediate/Advanced trails will be Boulder Dash, Tombstone, and Boneyard. 

From the shop to the Thunderbird Gardens Trailhead: 

  1. Turn left out of the parking lot onto S Main St. 

  1. After approx. 2.5 miles turn right onto E 900 North. 

  1. Follow road trending to the left and it will turn into a dirt road (Stephens Canyon Road) 

  1. Follow until you reach the trailhead. 

Once at the trailhead, there will be a dirt parking lot, restrooms, and kiosk. This trail system will be more enjoyable for an intermediate rider. Lighting Switch and Ghost Flats trails are loose and steep. Thors Hideout and Red Hollow will be red rock tech. If you take Red Hollow down you can loop back on the Razor Back trail through a wash/canyon to end up back on the dirt road that was originally taken to the Thunderbird Garden trailhead. 

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