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Get ready for your ride

Let’s make sure you're ready and have what you need for your ride! 


Time in the saddle is paramount. It’s best to estimate how long you expect your ride to take you and then make sure you are riding at least that amount of time per week. You will want to do shorter rides during the week followed by longer ones on the weekend.  

Want to ride with a group? Check out the free group rides at Red Rock Bicycle Co. here.


Knowing what to eat and how often can make or break your ride. Make sure you try out different nutrition options ahead of time on your training rides and then stick with what works. Everyone has the story of that one time they decided to try something different right before a big ride and how miserable it is. Leave the experimenting for when you can easily bail and not have it effect your goals. 

check_box BIKE PREP

Bike prep can be broken down into two parts, fit and maintenance.  

Proper fit of your bike will ensure that your ride is comfortable and that you are less likely to sustain overuse injuries while training or on the day of your event. Fit incorporates proper saddle width and height, cleat adjustment and handlebar position to tailor your bike to fit your body’s biomechanics. Most people can get close by fiddling, but a fit from a professional can make a world of difference. Get a bike fit at Red Rock Bicycle Co. here.

The last thing you want to have happen on your ride is a mechanical that inhibits you from finishing. All of those hours of training can be ruined by lack of maintenance. We highly recommend getting your bike tuned up about 2 weeks ahead of your ride. This will give you time to get a few rides on it to make sure everything is perfect and so you can remedy anything that isn’t without being too far out to allow for more maintenance to be needed. 

Find parts or make a service appointment here


Every rider should know how to change their own flats and have the appropriate gear necessary to do so (spare tube, inflation device, tire levers). 

In addition, we will have roving support on the course. Our roving support consists of vehicles on course with folks who will help you change a flat and can assist with some other small mechanical issues. There are 3-5 of these vehicles on course at any given time. This means it can take a bit for one to pass you. You are also welcome to text us and we will send someone over as quickly possible. In addition to helping out with small mechanicals, they will be able to transport you back to the start line if necessary.