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2021 trail crew highlights and december update

The Red Rock Trail Crew has been going strong for a year now and we're stoked on what we've been able to accomplish. The list of trails that were touched and improved over the past 12 months is long. More importantly, much of the work Bill has put in has been to lay down rock armor that not only fixed existing erosion, but is a permanent fix that will keep our trails ripping for many years. We are super stoked to continue this project working closely with both Iron and Washington Counties and the BLM, this year is looking to be even better than the last.


What was bill up to in december?

This month, Bill was back in Washington County as the cold set into Iron County. He started the month by continuing the maintenance that he started in November on the Jem trail switchbacks. He then took some time to scout the Virgin Trails to identify problems that need to be addressed in the future. He ended the month on Flying Monkey where he's been armoring the tread surface.

Monthly tip from Bill:

Just a friendly reminder that if the trail is muddy, enough so to be sticking to tires and leaving an obvious rut one should ride one of the classic areas that can handle the weather.  Even if it's "only bad in a few spots" it should be skipped because what happens is people ride around the "wet spots" and the problems grow wider and suddenly the singetrack is 8 feet wide and much harder to fix.

Looking up the JEM Drop

Unfinished switchback

Unfinished switchback

Bottom of Jem trail when the mud is disregarded

A thank you to our COMMUNITY PARTNERS

Without Greater Zion Tourism and Visit Cedar City, Trail Crew wouldn't be the success that it is! We are so grateful for their support and the resources that they provide to keep this program going! 

Kevin Lewis – Washington County Tourism

Maria Twitchell – Iron County Tourism

Want to support Trail Crew? All proceeds from Trail Crew Products go towards the maintenance of trails.