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the 2022 season is here!

new: ebike categories & a gravel ride!

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Southern Utah has it all. There are few places in the world that have the geological diversity in such close proximity. Towering sandstone cliffs, volcanoes, treeless peaks and three different deserts converge in the southern corner of this state providing the perfect riding spot for just about everything. Do you love long, scenic road rides? We got ‘em. Do you dig techy, chunky trails that will make you question your skills? Got those, too. How about dirt roads that go on for miles, and miles, and miles and just happen to end at the Grand Canyon? Yup.

From Gooseberry Mesa to the Zen Trail...

...the Gunlock Loop to the Kolob Terrace road, this chunk of real estate that we call home has first class riding for all styles. With a wide variety of terrain and elevations year round, there is never a time that we can’t ride, but when you are done pedaling there are many other attractions. Visit Zion and Bryce National park, enjoy some downtown eats or you could relax at one of the many day spas.

Why Southern Utah?

There are lots of reasons. Come ride with us, we’re positive you’ll find the answer.