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Trail Crew Update: October

October started in Three Peaks cleaning out drains and armoring sections of trail that were damaged from the heavy rains we received. Then on to Iron Hills network for the more of the same, armoring a couple more sections of trail that had been rutted by the running water. 

Next, was a couple of drainages fixes on the C Trail along with some armoring it with rocks to push the water off the trail instead of down it. To the same end, Bill added a couple of grade reversals on sections where the trail followed the fall line. More work was done in Three Peaks and Iron Hills the following week. In addition, Bill was a guest speaker at the IMBA Foundations Conference explaining how our model works.

The last week was spent in Virgin as the weather changed pushing him down to workable trails. An assesment of the trails in the Hurricane Cliffs Network along with some drain cleaning rounded out the month.

Bill spent 198 hours last month working on trails.

trail crew Tip of the month:

As the weather changes and we have more wet days, it is important to understand when a trail is too wet to ride. If you are sinking into the tread or sliding around, it's too wet. If you happen to be on one of the many trails in our area that drain well, you will likely come upon some puddles. It is best to ride through puddles instead of around them. This helps dissipate the water allowing the spot to drain more quickly. Plus, it keeps the trail narrow and mitigates the widening that happens when you ride around puddles.





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