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the freedom to ride initiative

What is the freedom to ride initiative?


It’s really all about choice.  

The ability to choose is one of the most basic human desires. We all want it. We all think we’ve got it and at least to a certain extent, we do. To decide our appearance, our day to day lives, how we get from place to place, these are things we feel are within our reach, within our ability to choose. As bipedals, we have the ability to move, to self-transport and as such, we should be able to choose how we get from Point A to Point B.  These are the basics of being human. 

Or at least they should be.  

Have you ever been stuck? It’s the most unfree feeling we experience. To be confined, unable to choose, physically contained and restrained. And if you are trying to get from Point A to Point B, it’s almost irritatingly inhumane. It goes against the very tenants of our humanity to not be able to move, to not be able to choose forward progress over being stuck. 

That’s why we decided to create The Freedom To Ride Initiative. Our goal is to remove the barriers of active transportation- the ability to get from A to B and allow riders the freedom to choose. The Freedom To Ride Initiative includes educating so that riders feel safe on the roads, providing riders support and community, and encouraging more cycling infrastructure in our community through working with elected officials and city planners. 

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Bicycle Friendly business

In 2021, Red Rock Bicycle Co. was recognized with a Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Business award by the League of American Bicyclists. We initiated the application shortly after started work on the Freedom to Ride project, because the League shares our vision of an America where every person can safely and easily choose to ride their bike.

We applied for the Bicycle Friendly Business Status as part of our effort of supporting and amplifying work that aims to improve the riding conditions for everyone, from athletes to recreational riders to bicycle commuters.

Bicycles change lives – we see it every day. We are proud to be part of a movement to build a more Bicycle Friendly America.

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